Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So what is going on.

I know I have posted twice but this is actually important.

Long story short I have to take an extra year in high school. But because of the living condition I am in, I can't stay here. So I have decided to switch to a new school. This new school is the type where I can finish all my credits in a much shorter time span. So I am hoping to get to this new school ASAP and finish all 12 credit within this year. If this works out however, I will be leaving my home a lot faster. This also means I can travel a bit more but business is going to be on hold for a bit until I am settled into my new home with my fiancée.

I will try to get settled in as fast as possible that way I can get back to modeling and my business. Until then I have to work extremely hard in school. I am extremely excited to be moving in with my fiancée.

(This is me and jay just having fun, I have no idea what he is doing.. xD)

(Here I tried to give the peace sign and at this time we usually made the average kiss or hug picture, none of us having fun so I tried to give the peace sign and jay told me to behave and closed my fingers together, then I snuck my other hand in between us and gave the peace sign and he licked my finger as he snapped the picture. I later told him this was my favorite because we were laughing and having fun during this pic, so it brought wonderful memories. Ever since then we have made funny or fun pictures. I love them. ^.^ )

Aren't we just cute together? Almost 3 years? I think so. :D

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