Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I guess what to expect from this.. blog of blog-ness. >.>

Mostly either my life or fashion or a makeup style I have tried out or something.. Ideas that pop into my head... just random crap. xD I'll try my best to entertain you all.

what else should I put here.. Well I guess I can show you guys some of my work..

Well first of all.. My youtube channel.

Some of my makeup designs.. Trust me I have ALOT more.. I just don't have pictures of it all.. Sorry.. T.T

I also do some modeling

I love writing stories and defiantly listening to music. I enjoy electro, industrial, techno, house, rave, J-rock, J-pop and alot more.. 

I'm working on getting new pictures of all my makeup designs and hopeing to create alot more. ^.^ 

Enjoy! ^.^

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